Oslo was the first European city I’ve visited.  My mom and I went to see my cousin who was just settling in Norway at the time.  It was a quick visit, half a day to be exact hehe.  To be honest, I don’t think I would’ve gone if my cousin didn’t live there.  However, I wished we stayed a bit longer to explore not only Oslo, but other cities in Norway.  There are so much to see.  Would love to see the Northern lights during the winter.

Monolith in Frogner park


This blog might be shorter than my other blogs since we didn’t spend much time in Oslo.  So I’m just going to list the few places that we explored.

Frogner Park
Downtown Oslo

Frogner Park: A public park in Oslo where you can find the biggest collection of roses.  You can also find numerous giant naked sculptures that are “abstract” or weird depending on how you view it.  These sculptures were created by artist Gustav Vigeland.  No matter what your take on these sculptures,  the Vigeland arrangements is one of the main tourist attraction in Oslo

An Angry Boy
The Wheel of Life


Oslo Opera House:
A tourist must see!  Located at the head of the OsloFjord, the Oslo opera house looks like an iceberg emerging from the water.  The architecture is marvelous!  The exterior is mainly made of marble giving an icy like effect.  The interior design provides a nature like warmth.  There isn’t much to do here but to admire the landmark and soak in the peacefulness of the area.  The opera house is open to the public 24 hours, 7 days a week.





Oslo is beautiful!  Everything was clean.  According to my cousin, the crime rate in Oslo is either low or nothing at all.  Since we have our own personal tour guide, getting around was extremely easy.  We took the bus, train and walked around.  I planned visiting Oslo again with my husband recently.  However, there was a terrible airline fiasco that hindered us from going.  I plan to explore Oslo a little more when I get the chance to go back.  I would like to see the the Viking ship museum, museum of cultural history, take a boat rid along the OsloFjord, and hop on a train from Oslo to Bergen (supposedly the best train journey in Europe.)