Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia.We visited KL after our BKK trip.  At the airport, there were a bunch of free buses that took tourists to their hotels.   The city has got to be the most diverse in Southeast Asia.  It is a melting pot of many ethnic background like the Malays, Indian, Chinese, Thai, etc.  People are so friendly and it is easy to get around the city.  Malay is the official language, but everyone actually speaks good English.  We managed to see a lot of the city even though we only got to spend one day.

istana negara
Istana Negara
KL tower


Touristy stuff: Petronas Towers: No trip to KL would be complete without a trip to see the iconic twin towers.  It is such an extravagant building that I wanted to stare at it for hours.  We wanted to go on the observation deck, but tickets were sold out and we had limited time.  So make sure you book tickets way in advance.  Kuala Lumpur Tower:  Another tall tower worth seeing.  It’s a communications tower that has an observation deck inside.  Its structure reminds me of the Macau tower.  KLCC park:  The massive park looks as modern as the buildings in the city.  It is an urban sanctuary with plenty of amenities everyone can enjoy.  Istana Negara: A royal museum that used to be the home of the supreme king of Malaysia.  There are royal guards watching over Istana Negara like the Buckingham palace.    Merdeka square: A significant location in Kuala Lumpur where Malaysian independence was declared.  The tallest flag pole, KL’s oldest mosque Masjid Jamek and the Sultan Adbul Samad Building are worth seeing in this area.

Sultan Adbul Samad Building
Masjid Jamek
Merdeka Square

Places to shop in: Petaling Street: KL’s chinatown where you can find bargain souvenirs.  Bukit Bintang: It’s their downtown area with trendy shops, lots of restaurants and vibrant entertainment centers.  Suria KLCC: This is a huge shopping mall at the base of the Petronas towers.  Even if you aren’t a mall person, you’ll appreciate the mall’s pleasing interior.

KL’s Chinatown
Bukit Bintang
Suria KLCC mall

Favorite area to walk in:  Anywhere with a view of the Petronas Towers.  I am in love with the building.  There’s this Filipino movie where they referenced the Petronas towers as two people holding hands.  I guess, i’m romanticizing the towers a bit hehe.

Petaling Street
How we got around: KL hop on and hop off bus
Istana Negara Guard

Favorite thing to do: Sightseeing!  Walking around isn’t exhausting since there are a lot of cool things to see.


Getting around Kuala Lumpur is very easy.  The public transportation are accessible.  There are monorails, buses, taxis, and I’m sure there are a bunch of Ubers now also. Since we only had one day to explore Kuala Lumpur, we purchased a hop on hop off ticket.  We were able to narrow down the important sights by taking this bus.  If I ever go back to KL again, I would love to see the Batu Caves.  I believe it is in the border of KL and SG.