Wat Arun

Nowadays, Thailand is almost as famous for its red light district as its historical Buddhist temples, but I prefer to remember the country by the latter.  Bangkok has the most striking temples I have ever seen in my life!  Just the airport alone will leave you speechless. The Suvarnabhumi airport has a modern ambiance with historical artwork that provides a preview of what the City has to offer.  I had only spent one day in the Philippines from the US when I found myself boarding another plane to Bangkok with my cousin.  The exhaustion I felt due to traveling was very well worth it.  The people as well as the culture hits close to home.  The residents of Thailand is as hospitable as Filipinos.  The friends that I met completely justifies that.


Suvarnabhumi international airport

Touristy stuff: Temples of course! hehe, make sre you dress appropriately.

Wat Pho – the oldest and largest temple with an extensive amount of Buddha collection.  It is the home of the famous reclining Buddha.  Thai massage is prevalent in the area as well hehe.

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Wat Phra Kaew – Temple of the Emerald Buddha.  It is best known for being the most sacred Buddhist temple.  You can easily find devoted Buddhist praying alone or with others.  Everything in this temple is supposedly made out of real gold. Grand Palace – The residence of the King of Siam.

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Wat Arun – Temple of Dawn is the most legendary landmark of Bangkok.  This is actually my favorite Temple.  You can climb up the hight point of the spire to get a magnificent view of the Chao Phraya river especially at sunrise.  Beware, it is not an easy hike!

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Ayutthaya – A historic city north of Bangkok where you can find numerous decapitated Buddha statues.  This was due to the invasion of the Burmese.

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Touristy stuff other than temples: Don Wai floating market – Although it’s called a floating market, all stalls and sellers are actually on land and there aren’t much boat vendors like what is popularly imagined.  It is more like a riverside market.  It isn’t a tourist trap at all which I really like.  We bought delicious food from the market and took it with us at our boat ride along the Nakhon Chai Si river.

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Sam Phran Elephant Ground and Zoo (Tigers, Elephants, crocodiles),  Siam Niramit cultural show – A must see show in my opinion.  Kind of like cirque du soleil, it narrates the history and beliefs of the Thai people.  The package that we got included a hotel drop off and transfer as well as buffet diner.  Be prepared to spend the whole evening here.  There are a lot to see before and after the show.


Khao San road  (night life, where the party hits at night lol). Bai Yoke Sky hotel restaurant – This is an international buffet that serves food from all over the world.  There are also a bunch of performances from time to time.  Oh and a nice view of the city at the rooftop lounge!), MBK shopping center – A huge shopping center with a bunch of restaurants in BKK.  It is about 8 stories high.

biokesky4bioksy hotelbiyoke skybkk night 5street foodBKK nightbkk night2bkk3buffetmagicperformers 

Bangkok deserves a lot of respect from its visitors.  What I love about Thailand is that they value their people.  All the tourist spots are free for Thai residents.  It is something ideal that most countries should do for their people.  I enjoyed this trip a lot and I miss the people that help made this happen.  My cousins Marianne and Beah along with their Thai friends Benji and Fei who kindly toured us around.  We wouldn’t have been able to have fun without them especially when it comes to food hehe (hover over pics for caption.)