Vancouver is one of the finest cities I’ve been lucky to visit.  The air is very clean that you can smell a scent of pine everywhere.  We crossed international borders, driving from Seattle to Vancouver.  It took roughly about 3 hours.  Vancouver is known to have heavy rains, but we  were lucky that the sky was clear and everything was in full bloom.  We visited the city around autumn/summer time and stayed there for about 3 days.  Would love to explore Vancouver again someday.


Suspension Bridge

Touristy stuff: Robson St. (Downtown area with a lot of shops and restaurants that closes at midnight.  I love walking around this area especially at night.), Stanley Park (Scenic view, walking trails, wildlife, lots of historical and cultural landmarks.  You can ride a bike, walk around, even ride a boat.  The park is huge so expect to spend maybe half a day if you were to explore everything.), Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (Suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River.  Such a cool experience!  Spend about half a day here.  The treetop adventure is worth checking out also).  Grouse mountain (Didin’t get to go up the mountain but I heard this restaurant called the Observatory is good.  I’m sure there are a lot of activities you can do here.  Riding the Super skyride which is the largest aerial tram in North America sounds a lot of fun. Maybe, I can check it out next time.)

Stanley Park Totem Poles
Tree Top Adventure in Capilano

Stanley Park Tulips Garden

Favorite area to shop in: Robson St. has various selections of named brand shops, but I got all my souvenirs from Chinatown where everything is a lot cheaper.  Can’t go wrong with Chinatown hehe.

Favorite area to walk around in: Hard question.  Robson St give out an urban vibe while Stanley park gives you a very relaxed vibe.

Favorite place to eat: I liked this restaurant called Cafe Crepe (We jokingly called it Cafe Creepy hehe).  They have a variety of crepes from the deli style crepes to dessert crepes.


Olympic flame
View from Stanley Park
Night view

Favorite thing to do: I really loved going on the suspension bridge and exploring the Capilano park.  I’m normally scared of heights but it was such a fun experience that I didn’t even care about my fear.  The bridge is 230 ft above the Capilano River and 450 ft long.  The park is something worth exploring as well.  They have this area called Tree Top Adventure where you could climb trees and walk between platforms.  I enjoyed it very much.