Macau is popularly known as the “Las Vegas of The East” for its numerous casinos.   My cousin and I went on day trip from Hong Kong (Kowloon) to Macau.  We took the first ferry ride from Hong Kong and the last ferry ride from Macau.  It took about 30-45 minutes to get from one city to the  other, but there might be a long line to get on so arrive at the port early.  The city has a different vibe from Hong Kong.  Macau resembles the sin city of the states, but there are historical sites (Portuguese influence) as well.
Na Tcha Temple


Ruins of St. Paul’s


Touristy stuff during the day: Ruins of St. Paul’s (The original church burned down in the 1800s, but the beautiful facade and stairway still exist), Fortaleza do Monte (It’s a historical military center that reminds me of the Intramuros in Manila)Na Tcha Temple (small traditional Chinese temple), Senado square (European style buildings), Macau Tower (We only saw a view of it, didn’t really get to see it up close.  They offer bungee jumping from the top of the tower)  

Fortaleza do Monte

Sign for the historical sites
Macau Tower from a distance
Touristy stuff at nightThe city has an even more lively vibe at night. Exploring the numerous hotels and casinos are fun, There are a lot of entertaining free shows to see at some hotels like the Tiger/Dragon’s treasure bubble show at City of Dreams , Tree of Prosperity at the Wynn hotelPerforming Lake at the Wynn Hotel.

Performing Lake

Tree of Prosperity

Dragon’s Treasure

Area to shop and dine in:There are a bunch of stores/restaurants near the Ruins of St. Paul’s.  We found this place that sells MAPO (beef jerky) which is a good delicacy to take home as gifts to loved ones.  Otherwise, there are a bunch of shops and restaurants inside the hotels that are on the pricey side.


 We were in Macau in December 2010.  The weather cooperated with our trip.  It was not hot, nor was it freezing.  We loved the Asian Christmas decorations.  I think they’re more festive than the ones in the states.  We were only there for a day so we were exhausted by the time we got back to Hong Kong.  We tried taking photos inside a casino but it was prohibited.  Security went up to us and made sure we deleted the pictures in our cameras before leaving the casino.  There were probably some well known individuals gambling at that time hehe.
Senado Square